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Kota Kinabalu: Perfect for an Island Getaway

We visited Kota Kinabalu for an island getaway to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. It was amazing and it was everything we had dreamed about.

The flight from Kuching was comfortable and the time seemed to pass in a jiffy. Then we arrived, all excited with anticipation and jumped in a Grab to our hotel.

We stayed overnight in the city at Le Meridien, a beautiful hotel located on the waterfront so we were able to walk to the Waterfront Markets mainly specializing in seafood, plus street food stalls, jewelry, handicrafts & clothing. I loved the fresh water pearls and spent a long time looking at the different varieties, trying to decide.

So we returned to our hotel for the evening and immediately headed to the rooftop bar for a pre dinner cocktail. The view from here was spectacular… then it got more spectacular… and more until it was something out of this world!

You see, the sunset was incredible and something that I have never seen before. I was sitting, perched on a stool looking out over the harbour and out to sea at the sunset which was lovely and yellow, sipping a cocktail listening to beautiful live music with a wonderful female vocalist, lovely.

Then the sky went pink, gorgeous! Next it went red, wow so beautiful then… the whole world went blood-red. I’m talking the sky, the water, the island in the distance, the waterfront, the hand in front of my face… I had to ask Basker if he was seeing this too or had my eyes gone wonky? It was such a magical, breath-taking, unforgettable moment, and I can assure you that my photos or videos have not been enhanced. It was real.

Since then I have discovered that KK has been declared as one of the world’s best sunset spots. Wow!

When the sun had finally set we moved downstairs to the restaurant and found a buffet which was truly sumptuous showcasing beautiful local seafood.

Watch short video here

We were up and off to the ferry early the next morning. It was the day of our wedding anniversary and the ferry took us to Bungaraya Island Resort. Arriving at the island was stunning. It was warm and tropical, the entrance via long wharf was pretty, there were schools of fish at each turn, drums were playing and the manager was at the wharf to greet us.

After a briefing about the island and the resort facilities we were shown to our villa with a private pool and found a towel origami in the shape of 2 swans that faced each other to form a heart, awww. It was sweet.

We had a romantic anniversary dinner in the evening… it bucketed down all around us while we ate, undercover in the restaurant but with all the sides open. The rain was so loud, it was a steamy tropical night.

The next day it was bright and sunny. But unfortunately, the storm had brought in lots of rubbish and plastic bottles on the tide and swimming was meh in the morning but by the time evening had come around the army of grounds workers had cleaned the beach thoroughly and things returned to pristine again.

We stayed here for 2 days and enjoyed swimming in the south China Sea, walking, eating, sipping cocktails, watching monkeys pass by in the trees, seeing hornbills fly over and generally lazing about. Heaven on earth.

Watch short video here

On the third day we were up early to catch the ferry back to the mainland then off to the airport and back to Kuala Lumpur for a few days with Umah, my sister in law before returning home to Ipoh.

We left feeling relaxed and well spoilt, taking with us beautiful memories.

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