Hi, I’m Janet and I work part time as a Registered Property Valuer.

I also focus on sharing my beautiful recipes, crafts and my amazing travel experiences. I have traveled to many countries, particularly in Asia, but have never had the time previously to log the joy and wonder of all my experiences.

This seems to be the right time to remedy that situation now that I have reduced my work hours in preparation for retirement and although some posts will be retrospective I am fully intent on continuing with the quest and hope to bring you more new content about my future adventures in travel, food, craft and living a healthy lifestyle, come along with me… 🦋

Let’s hang out

Here’s what I do

  • 👩‍💻 Lifestyle blogger
  • 🏠 Ak, NZ
  • 💕 Wife, mum of 2
  • 🍰 Food lover
  • 🎨 Mosaic artist & crafter
  • 🚶 Likes to walk outdoors
  • 🌍 Keen traveler
  • ✌ Aim to live in now

I have three craft blogs which are Myna Mosaics, Janet Sanders Beads and Janet Sanders Crochet Crafts. I also have an adorable blog for my two Birman cats, Snowflake and Starlight🐾

When I am not seated at my workstation, going through photos, writing posts or out filming videos I love to spend time with my family at home here in suburban Auckland, New Zealand.

Living in NZ is pretty good. We have a great climate, not too cold in winter and lovely hot summers. There is a huge amount to see in our own back yard… mountains, glaciers, beaches, volcanoes, wildlife, fiords, rolling hills… and picturesque towns. We decided to travel around NZ during the last year or so when travel overseas was just not an option. We have travelled many times throughout NZ and we have been continually awed by the scenic beauty that surrounds us.

However, we do miss visiting family in Malaysia (where my hubby was born) but we are content to stay at home here until the pandemic ends. I only have some small understanding of the stress, anxiety and downright plain misery that Covid has caused. I am forever grateful to our frontline workers for keeping us safe.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

How to get in touch

I’d love to hear from you.

The best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail. Feel free to drop me a mail through my contact page — I reply to every e-mail I receive.

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