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Moeraki Boulders/Kaihinaki – A Natural Marvel

Gosh, this visit to see the boulders was interesting and quite lovely.

I was slightly skeptical at first.. do I really want to look at round rocks on the beach? But it was an esoterically interesting experience. They are perfectly formed large, round spheres that have emerged from the surrounding landscape and sit eerily on the beach in a random scattered pattern.

So we spent some time gazing at the beautiful boulders and wondering about the force of nature that had produced them and then of course it seemed like a good idea to hop up nice and close.

What a surprise when a large wave struck! Well, my shoes have never been the same since. Even a spin in the washing machine later on at the camping ground we were staying at did not make an improvement.

It was cold and wet!

Luckily, this trip around the South Island was in a Maui campervan so a fresh change of clothes and shoes was not a problem.

See more about our motorhome tour here


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