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All Things Macaron

Lately I have been obsessed with macarons… making them for Xmas, then again for Chinese New Year and again for Valentine’s Day. It has been a labor of love because of course they are finicky little things to make and don’t always give good results. Fortunately, my one serious issue has been overly crisp shells and these are easily fixed by filling and maturing in the fridge for 2-3 days.

I am also slightly concerned that the perfect round shape has so far evaded me… but not to worry because I have been assured that the taste is beautiful, and I am happy to put forward a product that is not perfect but is real, part of being my authentic self which is the true theme of this blog.

Learning this new skill mostly from Youtube has been a relaxing and welcome distraction when time is plentiful because it’s really a whole day event.

Here is a list of my favourite videos:

My macarons at various stages below

Watch my video here:

Could not resist buying these macaron erasers when I saw them at KMart, love them… but of course nothing like the real thing!

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