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Mount Maunganui: Our Summer Holiday Jan 2023

We have been coming to Mount Maunganui for many years. My sister, Lesley, lives here so we have been regular visitors. We have stayed with her at various times and at various places including a gorgeous house on the beach when our kids were little and they enjoyed endless summer days of sun, surf and white sands.

  1. Things We Did
    1. Swimming
    2. Pilot Bay
    3. Walk Around The Mount and Along the Beach
    4. Iona Boysenberry Orchard
    5. Black Stump Berries
    6. Master Kong The Mount
    7. Soul Boul
    8. Bayfair Mall
    9. Day Trip to Waimangu Volcanic Valley
Janet and Lesley

There is a lot to do at “The Mount” – swimming during the day and a serious amount of good cafes, restaurants and bars to visit at night.

We struck several cruise ships in port and the influx of other holiday makers meant that the main street was jam packed.

Then it rained. And rained. And blew a gale.

It doesn’t feel like we have had much of a summer this year because of the terrible weather so we are grateful to have had a couple of fine days at The Mount before cyclone Gabrielle arrived to create such widespread havoc and disaster in New Zealand.

Things We Did

What can you say when summer this year consisted of 2 cyclones and a sub-tropical storm and then it was over all too soon? Still… we managed to fit in a few activities at The Mount.


For our first couple of days the weather was stunning and the water was warm so we spent the days swimming and relaxing at the beach. The main beach at The Mount is invariably busy so we prefer to head out along the coast and swim at Papamoa Beach in the rolling surf. We tend to park in a side street and walk over the sand dunes to find a stretch of deserted beach.

Pilot Bay

For a more relaxed and sedate swim we like to head to Pilot Bay where the water is calm and tranquil.

Walk Around The Mount and Along the Beach

Our favourite walk is to follow the pathway around the mountain always starting off from the port side walking clockwise and ending up at the main beach. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the walk and wander along to the pedestrian crossing by the surf club, over to Copenhagen Cones for ice cream.

Watch my short video here

Iona Boysenberry Orchard

Pick your own fresh, big, fat, sun-ripened, juicy boysenberries… the perfect summer treat.

Watch my short video here

Black Stump Berries

Here you will be able to pyo strawberries to take home and also perhaps enjoy a fresh fruit ice cream. Not sure why I asked what flavours were available. I received a wry smile…

“Strawberry or strawberry? I think I’ll have strawberry!”

It was yum!

Master Kong The Mount

Tasty food and the cocktails were fun. Just the perfect holiday atmosphere.

Watch my short video here

Soul Boul

The Snickers smoothie bowl with Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter, Banana, Pink Himalayan salt, Organic Cacao & Maca is to die for. And the caramel slice was pretty damn good.

Bayfair Mall

All the usual shops and services available in this modern mall all under one roof. Also including a food court and several cafes located inside the mall plus several good restaurants located outside.

Day Trip to Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Read about our day trip and see more photos here.


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