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Ranthambore National Park: Going on Safari

We all want to see a tiger up close and in person so the National Parks are your best bet. The big question is did you see a tiger?

Yes, but not on every trip… not on this one in 2018 unfortunately.

But it is beautiful here. It’s a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and it is your chance to get back to nature. Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve is one of the world’s best known wilderness areas. You can join a group canter safari or take a private jeep safari. The best time to see a Bengal Tiger is on an early morning safari but you your chances are increased by taking the evening safari as well. Tiger populations have been on the rise again in India in recent years, and Ranthambhore has a relatively high density of tigers.

Sariska Tiger Reserve is a national park and is a quieter alternative to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve which is becoming increasingly crowded.


Safari- You can book your Jeep Safaris through your accommodation or directly through the Rajasthan Forest Dept website.

Dastkar Ranthambore – a women’s collective of artisans creating and selling beautifully hand crafted items.



Wear neutral colours to blend in. Avoid bright colours and wear layers because it’s cold on winter mornings. Peak season is October to February during winter.

Wear a mask to help with the dust.

Smoking and flash photography are not allowed.

Be quiet and listen, noise will reduce your chances of seeing wildlife.

It’s worth it to take a small jeep rather than a large cantor, they are a bit more mobile and will increase your chances of seeing wildlife.

I’m not normally keen on to-don’t lists but I feel it is important in this case, it is such a natural & wild environment – don’t leave any waste behind you, avoid any use of plastic.

Forestry departments have strict quotas of visitors per day, so book as soon as you can. Many national parks close for the monsoon season which is May to October.

Most resorts offer packages with evening and morning safaris. Evening safaris are beautiful, but the morning ones are when you have the best chance of seeing more wildlife.

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