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My Reflections on Our Trip to India

Happiness is universal and you don’t need a lot of things to be happy.

Chance meeting with kids at the Taj Mahal

And happiness abounds in India. It may be connected to the moral beliefs, religion, having close family & extended family relationships, love of music and festivals, love of Indian food, patriotism for this great country. It could simply be the culture. For whatever reason this atmosphere is cathartic, positive and regenerative.

You can’t help but feel grateful and appreciative to be here when you see dwellings without many modern comforts but the greeting is warm and the food is made with pride.

I always feel more grounded in India and try to connect with the intrinsic belief that living in the present helps you to appreciate each day. That is when I find all worry about the past or the future melts away.

There are some places that I would have liked to spend more time and there were some sights we had to miss. There is so much more to see but I think that a short trip to India taking in the main attractions is better than no trip at all. And there is always the lure of wanting to see more to draw you back again, hopefully this time with the second trip providing a little more knowledge and focus so that you can target specific interests.

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