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Khajuraho: Temple Architecture

Khajuraho is famous for its sensual sculptures on the exterior walls of the temples. This UNESCO World Heritage Site contains some of the best examples of temple architecture in India.

It is certainly an interesting visit to come here and gaze at the depictions carved on the temples and to figure out something you would like to try. We giggled a lot. But apart from that and the light & sound show there is not much else to do here. What I do recall is thinking that this seemed to be remote, away from it all and the gift shop at the hotel was good… we bought several items of clothing in a relaxed atmosphere.


Jehangir Mahal

Khajuraho’s Temples temples were built by the Chandela dynasty, who ruled over central India between 950-1050 AD. Out of the 85 original temples, only 20 survive today. Most of them have soaring vertical spires or shikharas, which are believed to represent the Himalayas.

Sound & Light show at Western Temples. beautiful atmospheric outdoor show with the temples lit up, beware of the mosquitos, spray generously and tightly cover up.


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