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Where to stay in India: My Best Hotels for a Comfortable Stay

I like to mention the hotels we usually stay in because we have found them to be comfortable and in great locations which makes the stay all that more enjoyable.

These days there is only a limited amount of time on tour and a great deal of that time is spent marshalling to and from hotels. So we think that staying in a hotel in a great location is an added bonus. This saved time can be used to get to know the place and surrounding sights even more.

As mentioned in previous posts, see here, we prefer to stay at luxury hotels in India.

Our hotel on the waterfront in Mumbai was stunning. The Leela Palace on the beach in Goa was a sheer delight and a foodie heaven. Pushka was slightly remote and the choice of hotel was limited but what a gem found… the Bhanwar Palace was cute and ornate and full of character that simply made us smile. The ice cream for dessert was very good here.

The Jaypee Palace Hotel is stunning and has a very good gift shop where we found lots of interesting gifty type items to buy at reasonable price.

The Leela Resort

The hotel at Varanasi put on an outdoor feast for Deepavali and we celebrated and danced the night away. In the morning we found a silk shop nearby and bought loads of scarfs, then we walked to the mall for a coffee.

As you can see I can chat on for ages about our hotel experiences… but I will put a link for each of the hotels so you can check them out.




Ranthambore National Park






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