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Easy Microwave Chocolate Fudge

This is a no mess, no fuss method to make silky smooth chocolate fudge.

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I made this today for my daughter’s birthday party… she is grown up now but still enjoys the treats I used to make for her.

When the children were little I would often make this for birthday parties, always with several pieces left over to pop into the kids take-home loot bags. It makes the perfect homemade gift.

This fudge is also good to use at fundraiser events or at the school fair.

The fudge is cooked in the microwave and so the key to this method is timing. Once you have the timing down pat it is a total synch to whip up a batch any old time and will become your quick and easy go-to for parties.

This fudge is great to make as a home made gift at Christmas time.

Be sure to make several batches. My advice is not to double the recipe but to make 2 batches and the reason for this is that I am not sure about the timing for a double quantity, besides I don’t have a large enough glass dish to cook a double up.

I love seeing your creations, so if you bake this please tag @life.with.janet on Instagram so I am notified.

Chocolate Fudge Recipe


  • 300g castor sugar
  • 200ml evaporated milk
  • 50g butter
  • 100g dark chocolate roughly chopped
  • vanilla essence


Put the sugar and evaporated milk into a large glass bowl and stir together. I use a glass casserole dish.

Microwave at 800 watts for 3 mins, then stir.

Place back into the microwave and continue to cook for another 9 minutes.

This is a total of 12 minutes.

At this stage you may wish to check for soft ball stage by placing a few drops of the mixture into cold water but I normally don’t worry.

Beat the vanilla essence and chocolate into the hot mixture with a wooden spoon and continue to beat for 5 mins or until the fudge starts to thicken.

Pour into a lightly greased tin. Lightly cut score marks

Leave to cool and mark into squares and when quite cold cut through the marks.

Watch My Video Here


At the final stage beat vigorously to incorporate some air and so it will cool to a smooth consistency… I think this is the secret to a beautifully smooth and delicious fudge.

Be sure to quickly pop the fudge mixture into the tin when you stop beating, don’t leave it resting or it will set.

I like to use a more narrow loaf tin to set the fudge so that it does not spread out too much… this way the fudge can be cut into chunky, thick squares.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge.


Fruit and Nut Fudge

Make as above but omit chocolate and beat in 50g finely chopped walnuts and sultanas with the vanilla

Vanilla Fudge

Make as above but in this recipe omit the chocolate


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