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Crochet Virus Meets Granny Shawl

When I started this shawl I thought it would take ages to make but I was quite surprised at how quickly it made up.

I mainly work on my crochet crafts in the evenings when the family are watching something on Netflix that I am not hugely interested in, Squid Games springs to mind! Normally crochet craft requires actually having to look at it and see where your stitches need to be placed whereas my mother and sisters seemed to endlessly knit without looking at the work. So I find a small amount of concentration is required.

I used this easy pattern found here. Fibre Spider gives great clear instructions and is easy to follow.

The yarn, which I had luckily bought before this round of lockdown, was Abbey Road 52% Merino Wool | 48% Acrylic and is available from Spotlight, see link here. Here’s a tip, wait for a sale… don’t you hate it when you arrive to buy wool only to find that what you bought last month is now on sale?

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