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Easy Sparkling Bracelet – This time with a Clasp

Easy Sparkling Bracelet

This is the same pattern I used for the Easy Sparkling Bangles but this time I wanted to make it with a clasp. This just makes it super easy to get off and on without stretching the thread. I found that I was wearing my bangles all the time without taking them off at all but after a while I wanted a change.

That’s the thing about lockdown… we find it all too easy to wear the same clothes and same jewelry everyday. Now that we are nearing the end (this time around) we will be able to go out and about just as usual so I want to mix things up wrt my wardrobe.

I used a lovely gold round crystal bead that I picked up in Malaysia a couple of years ago. I had made it into a bracelet at the time but never worn it. So it was a quick job to cut the old bracelet up and remake this beauty.

Material List:

  • 11/o, 8/o and 15/o seed beads
  • 1 strand 4mm round crystals ( amount varies with the length of the bracelet)
  • 8 or 10lb Nanofil or 4 or 6lb Fireline
  • size 12 beading needle

Design credit: GGC’s Beginning Beaders

See the pattern here


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