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My Yarn Haul on Lockdown

I’m super excited to have finally been to Ribbon Rose and collected a new stash for a few more crochet projects.

The click and collect method works well but I’ll admit that the grey was not quite what I wanted and this was returned and exchanged this morning. Still didn’t get the exact colours I was wanting but of course, the supply is a bit limited at the moment.

I am very happy with this stash!

I was thinking… a market bag, some face scrubbies, maybe a shawl… lots to think about and plan particularly in lockdown level 4 & 3. We are at day 73 (10 weeks)- seems longer so it is great to have something new to work on.

My method for planning a crochet project is probably completely the opposite to yours! I tend to fall in love with the yarn and then look for a project to use it. I always try for better planning but it never quite works and I am always trying to top up yarn once a project is started. Let’s see how we go…


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