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Crochet Heart Bunting

Last night I finished making this crochet bunting. It sounds simple enough and it turned out to be an easy pattern to follow but the crochet journey has been a long one for me and I count myself no way proficient… yet!

I learnt to crochet at home with my mother who was both a knitter and crocheter. She was also a sewer so she made everything for us to wear as we were growing up. Need a new dress for a Sunday outing? It was done in a jiffy. New woolen jumper for winter? Done!

Of course, we did not have access to the bulk ready made clothes that are available today.

Once I had more time after my family had grown up I thought of picking the craft up again… its been a mission and it took a long time just to get straight edges.

Perhaps this is good time to thank my family and extended family for accepting crochet dish cloths as I churned them out in an attempt to perfect the straight edge. Persistence paid off and so I progressed to other items… although I now have too many doily’s if that is possible.

I have a few more items on my crochet blog here. Most of the items have links to patterns.

The bunting pattern was shared by Attic 24 here.

And the original pattern is on Bella Dias’s Blog here.

I used my fave yarn which I purchased from Knitnstitch: Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton


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