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Pāua Shell Mosaic Mirror

I am thrilled to show you this paua shell mirror which was completed by my student, Mary.

It has been a while in the making and the design idea has changes over time. We originally started out with an idea to make a bathroom mirror in all white with lots of beads and patterns but when Mary was away on holiday in the Coromandel these beautiful pāua shells spoke to her and she came back with a huge stash.

Have you ever tried to photograph a mirror? It is actually quite difficult to get a good photo without capturing yourself peering out of it…so the beach seemed like the perfect place.

This photo was taken at Pt Chevalier Beach and luckily there weren’t too many people around but it did cause a little ripple and there were a few questions: did you make it, gasp?

Not something you can hide. It weighs 5kg, not too heavy but a tricky bulky shape to carry measuring 61cm x 71 cm.

Happily this mirror has now found a beautiful light-filled sunny spot on Mary’s lounge wall where the pāua colors are truly wonderful.



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