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Western Springs Lakeside Park Walk: Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau

It was a lovely day out at Western Springs Lakeside Park over the weekend and wonderful to see people enjoying the park.

Of course there were lots of families with kids running around taking in all the sights and sounds of the wildlife. What struck me was the abundance of birdlife and the chorus of constant bird calls… a welcome enjoyment after spending the whole week at home on lockdown.

Location: 985 Great North Road, Western Springs

Well… one week on lockdown is not too bad but for some reason it does make you appreciate the natural world around us. For those of you who can’t get out and about perhaps to this neck of the woods, I have made a relaxing video of my walk and hope that you enjoy it.

This is usually our go-to place to walk on Christmas Day with the extended whānau after a massive lunch and before the dinner is served.

The park is adjacent to Auckland Zoo and MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology)

Access is from the car park at the entrance to the zoo off Motions Road or the car park on Stadium Road. Pedestrians can also access from Great North, Motions, Stadium and West View roads.

Toilets and changing rooms, car park, picnic tables and seating, and drinking fountains are inside the park.

Follow the 1.75km Western Springs Path around the park.

The lake is a naturally fed spring and at one stage many years ago, was one of the main water supplies for Auckland. The park is filled with bird life and you can spot native eels in the lake, in fact the lake’s Maori name is Te Wai Ōrea which means “The water of the eels”.

The kids will love playing on the brand new playground.

Take a wander and see if you can also see the elephants at the zoo through the fence. The pathway loops around the park and is an easy stroll on flat sealed terrain apart from the little arched bridge. It is also easy to negotiate with a pushchair or baby buggy.

There is a lovely secret spot that you can find by walking up from the lake towards the playground… but just before you reach the playground take a hard left turn and walk under the boughs of some trees and through a bushy part to a clearing on a point that looks out over the lake. Its relatively secluded and private and makes you feel like you are somewhere else, not in the centre of a big city.

However, this is a favourite spot for wedding photographers so you might find your self surrounded by an entourage.

Watch my video here- no music other than a few seconds in the intro, the remaining sound track is natural outdoor sounds from the park and lake


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